Theaters Releasing Movies Straight to On-Demand

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In these troubling times, it’s reassuring to see the movie industry make some changes.  Most recently, Universal Pictures decided to release “The Invisible Man”, “Emma” and “The Hunt” straight to on-demand channels.  At first I thought just the movie theater sites were getting exclusive rights but I quickly found other outlets, like DISH On-Demand, offers these newly released movies as well.  The catch – the prices are highly inflated around $19.99 per 48 hour rental.  Of course if I had seen these in the theater, I would have only paid around $8 per ticket, however the convenience of being able to watch in the comfort of my home is worth the extra money. 

I wonder, though, how this will impact the entertainment industry as we move forward.  Obviously, it’s going to take many months to recover from the pandemic concerns and fears but if the “straight to on-demand” model shows high adoption, could that impact the way we see movies in the future?  Could this be the beginning of movie companies releasing movies straight to on-demand as well as in the movie theaters?  It’s hard to predict, but I think 2021 will be an interesting year for the entertainment industry.

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