First Review of SOLO: A Star Wars Story

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This week I was asked to screen “SOLO: a Star Wars story” and I have to say, it was really good. The movie was set up to truly stand alone. In fact, if you’ve never seen a Star Wars movie, you would still appreciate this one.I was surprised that the ties into the Star Wars story line was minimal. Yes, we see the Empire, but not an overwhelming amount. The movie stays true to the roots of helping us see where Han Solo comes from. It’s got a lot of action but also a good plot that keeps the story moving.

Not to give up any spoilers, but here are some things we get to see:

  • The origin of Han’s name
  • How Han and Chewbacca meet
  • Where Han gets his pistol
  • That Han is an amazing pilot
  • A brand new Millennium Falcon
  • How Han ends up with the Falcon
  • The actual Kessel Run
  • The spice mines of Kessel

Lastly, there is a fantastic “reveal” that left the audience gasping. I’ll say it’s toward the end of the movie but that’s it.

Hope you enjoy it.

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