Matthew McConaughey to be The Man in Black in “The Dark Tower”

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If you are a fan of Stephen King like myself, then you will be glad to hear that the reality of a “The Dark Tower” movie is one step closer.  Today and Stephen King via Twitter announced Matthew McConaughey as “The Man in Black” and Idris Elba as “The Gunslinger” for a movie release of the popular series.  You can find out about The Dark Tower series on Stephen King’s website but in a quick summary, the story is a multi-book series that pursues a Gunslinger, DarkTowerTweetRoland of Gilead, as he pursues The Man in Black toward the Tower.  What’s really interesting is that in MANY of Stephen King’s books you can find references back to The Dark Tower series, so seeing it put on the big screen should be interesting.  Sony reports a January 13, 2017 release day for “The Dark Tower.”

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